maandag 31 maart 2008

Scheherazade Rocks!

Oh by the way, for those who are not familiar with Second Life yet: go to, get yourself an avatar and an account and come visit me in the region Scheherazade. Most likely you will find me there, together with my friends :)

The Sillyness of Being Important

In addition to my previous post.. I let this header speak for itself :)

Just a nice excercise I sometimes do: just go out in the Big Worlds and just be silent, look and listen... It is amazing to see how some people cling to their titles :)

Go Alienhearts!

Here is the link to a very cool clip the Alienhearts made Inworld:
And I think this is the making off, but I am not sure!
Have fun!

The Importance of Being Silly

Every day (in RL and in SL) I meet very serious people. They are troubled, have so much on their minds, run after the latest vogue and so on.... They all seem so malcontent, so deeply unhappy. But they talk to you, fill you with their nonsense... They carry their problems like Atlas carried the world on his shoulders.

When I say that I am deeply happy, they ask why. Well, I don't have a particular reason. Of course I experience the little troubles every day brings, but I never care about them. When I can't solve something, I just let it be. Why should I worry?

I thought a lot about this question, why some seem to fall in love with their state of unhappiness. I think I found an answer. Take away their shit, and nothing is left! Just an empty cocoon, waiting to be filled again! Is it so hard to be just a person who is happy?

And what is a problem anyway? I met people dying of cancers, people who were badly injured, people who had their childhoods destroyed... Often those were the happiest people I met!

So, what I am trying to say :) Just be silly! Don't let the Jealous Needies rule your world :) And don't be a Jealous Needie!! Dance, laugh, have fun, giggle in the dark :)

Every day I am thankfull I met a few special ones who really know what life is all about :) Let's have a party soon :)))))

zondag 30 maart 2008

Cogito, ergo sum...... I guess....

Let's see what mistakes I could make today.....